48 CFR ยง 47.303-14 - C.i.f. destination.

47.303-14 C.i.f. destination.

(a) Explanation of delivery term. C.i.f. (Cost, insurance, freight) destination means free of expense to the Government delivered on board the ocean vessel to the specified point of destination, with the cost of transportation and marine insurance paid by the contractor.

(b) Contractor responsibilities. The contractor's responsibilities are the same as those listed in 47.303-13(b), except that, in addition, the contractor shall obtain and dispatch to the Government an insurance policy or certificate providing the amount and extent of marine insurance coverage specified in the contract or agreed upon by the Government contracting officer.

(c) Contract clause. The contracting officer shall insert in solicitations and contracts the clause at 52.247-42, C.i.f. (Cost, insurance, freight) Destination, when the delivery term is c.i.f. destination.

[48 FR 42424, Sept. 19, 1983, as amended at 71 FR 206, Jan. 3, 2006]