48 CFR § 49.603-6 - No-cost settlement agreement - complete termination.

[Insert the following in Block 14 of SF 30 if a no-cost settlement agreement, under a complete termination, is to be executed.]

(a) This supplemental agreement _____ [insert “modifies the contract to reflect a no-cost settlement agreement with respect to the Notice of Termination dated _____” or, if not previously terminated, “terminates the contract in its entirety”.]

(b) The parties agree as follows:

The Contractor unconditionally waives any charges against the Government because of the termination of the contract and, except as set forth below, releases it from all obligations under the contract or due to its termination. The Government agrees that all obligations under the contract are concluded, except as follows:

[List reserved or excepted rights and liabilities. See 49.109-2 and 49.603-1(b)(7).]

(End of agreement)

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