48 CFR § 52.241-12 - Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge.

52.241-12 Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge.

As prescribed in 41.501(d)(6), insert a clause substantially the same as the following:

Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge (FEB 1995)

As provided herein, the Government will pay a nonrefundable, nonrecurring charge when the rules and regulations of a Contractor require that a customer pay (1) a charge for the initiation of service, (2) a contribution in aid of construction, or (3) a nonrefundable membership fee. This charge may be in addition to or in lieu of a connection charge. Therefore, there is hereby added to the Contractor's schedule a nonrefundable, nonrecurring charge for ____ in the amount of $____ dollars payable [specify dates or schedules].

(End of clause)
[59 FR 67025, Dec. 28, 1994]