48 CFR § 52.247-60 - Guaranteed Shipping Characteristics.

52.247-60 Guaranteed Shipping Characteristics.

As prescribed in 47.305-16(b)(1), insert the following clause:

Guaranteed Shipping Characteristics (JAN 2017)

(a) The offeror is requested to complete subparagraph (a)(1) of this clause, for each part or component which is packed or packaged separately. This information will be used to determine transportation costs for evaluation purposes. If the offeror does not furnish sufficient data in subparagraph (a)(1) of this clause, to permit determination by the Government of the item shipping costs, evaluation will be based on the shipping characteristics submitted by the offeror whose offer produces the highest transportation costs or in the absence thereof, by the Contracting Officer's best estimate of the actual transportation costs. If the item shipping costs, based on the actual shipping characteristics, exceed the item shipping costs used for evaluation purposes, the Contractor agrees that the contract price shall be reduced by an amount equal to the difference between the transportation costs actually incurred, and the costs which would have been incurred if the evaluated shipping characteristics had been accurate.

(1) To be completed by the offeror:

(i) Type of container: Wood Box __, Fiber Box __, Barrel __, Reel __, Drum __, Other (Specify) __;

(ii) Shipping configuration: Knocked-down __, Set-up __, Nested __, Other (specify) __;

(iii) Size of container __″ (Length), × __″ (Width), × __″ (Height) = __ Cubic FT;

(iv) Number of items per container __ Each;

(v) Gross weight of container and contents __ LBS

(vi) Palletized/skidded __ Yes __ No;

(vii) Number of containers per pallet/skid __;

(viii) Weight of empty pallet bottom/skid and sides __ LBS;

(ix) Size of pallet/skid and contents __ LBS Cube __;

(x) Number of containers or pallets/skid per railcar __* -

*Number of complete units (contract line item) to be shipped in carrier's equipment.

Size of railcar __

Type of railcar __

(xi) Number of containers or pallets/skids per trailer __* -

Size of trailer __ FT

Type of trailer __

Number of complete units (line item) to be shipped in carrier's equipment.

(2) To be completed by the Government after evaluation but before contract award:

(i) Rate used in evaluation __;

(ii) Tender/Tariff __;

(iii) Item __;

(b) The guaranteed shipping characteristics requested in subparagraph (a)(1) of this clause do not establish actual transportation requirements, which are specified elsewhere in this solicitation. The guaranteed shipping characteristics will be used only for the purpose of evaluating offers and establishing any liability of the successful offeror for increased transportation costs resulting from actual shipping characteristics which differ from those used for evaluation in accordance with paragraph (a) of this clause.

(End of clause)
[54 FR 48997, Nov. 28, 1989; 55 FR 30, Jan. 2, 1990; 82 FR 4715, Jan. 13, 2017]