48 CFR ยง 53.214 - Sealed bidding.

53.214 Sealed bidding.

The following forms are prescribed for use in contracting by sealed bidding (except for construction and architect-engineer services):

(a) SF 26 (Rev. 3/2013), Award/Contract. SF 26 is prescribed for use in awarding sealed bid contracts for supplies or services in which bids were obtained on SF 33, Solicitation, Offer and Award, as specified in 14.408-1(d)(1). Block 18 may only be used for sealed-bid procurements.

(b) SF 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract. SF 30, prescribed in 53.243, shall be used in amending invitations for bids, as specified in 14.208(a).

(c) SF 33 (Rev. 9/97), Solicitation, Offer and Award. SF 33 is prescribed for use in soliciting bids for supplies or services and for awarding the contracts that result from the bids, as specified in 14.201-2(a)(1), unless award is accomplished by SF 26.

(d) SF 1447 (Rev. 8/2016), Solicitation/Contract. SF 1447 is prescribed for use in soliciting supplies or services and for awarding contracts that result from the bids. It shall be used when the simplified contract format is used (see 14.201-9) and may be used in place of the SF 26 or SF 33 with other solicitations and awards. Agencies may prescribe additional detailed instructions for use of the form.

(e) [Reserved]

(f) SF 1409 (Rev. 9/88), Abstract of Offers, and SF 1410 (9/88), Abstract of Offers-Continuation. SF 1409 and SF 1410 are prescribed for use in recording bids, as specified in 14.403(a).

(g) OF 17 (Rev. 12/93), Offer Label. OF 17 may be furnished with each invitation for bids to facilitate identification and handling of bids, as specified in 14.202-3(b).

(h) OF 336 (Rev. 3/86), Continuation Sheet. OF 336 may be used as a continuation sheet in solicitations, as specified in 14.201-2(b).

[48 FR 42637, Sept. 19, 1983]
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