48 CFR 6101.11 - Conferences; conference memorandum [Rule 11].

6101.11 Conferences; conference memorandum [Rule 11].

(a)Conferences. The Board may convene the parties in conference, either by telephone or in person, for any purpose. The conference may be stenographically or electronically recorded, at the discretion of the Board. Matters to be considered and actions to be taken at a conference may include:

(1) Simplifying, clarifying, or severing the issues;

(2) Stipulations, admissions, agreements, and rulings to govern the admissibility of evidence, understandings on matters already of record, or other similar means of avoiding unnecessary proof;

(3) Plans, schedules, and rulings to facilitate discovery;

(4) Limiting the number of witnesses and other means of avoiding cumulative evidence;

(5) Stipulations or agreements disposing of matters in dispute; or

(6) Ways to expedite disposition of the case or to facilitate settlement of the dispute, including, if the parties and the Board agree, the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques, as provided in 6101.51 and 6101.54 (Rules 51 and 54).

(b)Conference memorandum. The Board may issue a memorandum of the results of a conference, an order reflecting any actions taken, or both. A memorandum or order so issued shall be placed in the record of the case and sent to each party. Each party shall have 5 working days after receipt of a memorandum to object to the substance of it.