48 CFR ยง 742.1170-2 - Applicability.

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742.1170-2 Applicability.

(a) This section applies to USAID non-personal, professional/technical services contracts exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold, but may be applied to other USAID contracts, if the contracting officer and requiring office determine that doing so is in the best interests of the Agency. The contracting officer must ensure that this determination is documented in the contract file. This section does not apply to personal services contracts.

(b) The underlying principles of (48 CFR) FAR subpart 42.11 apply to USAID contracts and are inherent to this section. However, not all of the specific requirements and terminology in (48 CFR) FAR subpart 42.11 are compatible with the types of technical assistance contracts usually awarded by USAID. Therefore, this section 742.1170 applies when the requirements of (48 CFR) FAR subpart 42.11 do not meet USAID requirements or are otherwise not appropriate.

(c) The progress reports discussed in this section are separate from the performance evaluation reports prepared in accordance with (48 CFR) FAR subpart 42.15 and internal Agency procedures, although they may be used by USAID personnel or their authorized representatives when evaluating the contractor's performance. Furthermore, the policies, procedures, and limitations of this section do not apply to technical reports, studies, papers, etc., the acquisition of which may be part of or even the sole purpose of the contract.

[72 FR 53163, Sept. 18, 2007, as amended at 79 FR 74996, Dec. 16, 2014]