48 CFR § 750.7106-2 - Amendments without consideration.

750.7106-2 Amendments without consideration.
Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 4207, Jan. 23, 2024.

(a) Where an actual or threatened loss under a foreign assistance contract, however caused, will impair the productive ability of a contractor whose continued performance of any foreign assistance contract or whose continued operation as a source of supply is found to be essential to protect the foreign policy interests of the United States, the contract may be adjusted but only to the extent necessary to avoid such impairment to the contractor's productive ability.

(b) Where a contractor suffers a loss (not merely a diminution of anticipated profits) on a foreign assistance contract as a result of Government action, the character of the Government action will generally determine whether any adjustment in the contract will be made and its extent. Where the Government action is directed primarily at the contractor and is taken by the Government in its capacity as the other contracting party, the contract may be adjusted if fairness so requires; thus where such Government action, although not creating any liability on its part, increases the cost of performance, considerations of fairness may make appropriate some adjustment in the contract.