48 CFR § 750.7110-3 - Submission of cases to the M/OAA Director.

750.7110-3 Submission of cases to the M/OAA Director.
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Cases to be submitted for consideration by the M/OAA Director shall be prepared and forwarded by the cognizant contracting officer through M/OAA/E to the M/OAA Director by means of an action memorandum. M/OAA/E will review the action memorandum for accuracy and completeness. The action memorandum shall provide for approval or disapproval by the M/OAA Director of the disposition recommended by the contracting officer. The action memorandum shall address:

(a) The nature of the case;

(b) The basis for authority to act under section 750.7101;

(c) The findings of fact essential to the case (see 750.7109-3) arranged chronologically with cross references to supporting enclosures;

(d) The conclusions drawn from applying the standards for deciding cases, as set forth in 750.7106, to the findings of fact;

(e) Compliance with the limitations upon exercise of authority, as set forth in section 750.7107 (for informal commitments, include statements addressing each of the limitations in paragraph (d) of 750.7107):

(f) Concurrences or comments obtained from the Office of General Counsel;

(g) Verification of funds availability and the contracting officer's determination of cost/price reasonableness when the disposition recommended requires payment to a contractor;

(h) The disposition recommended and, if contractual action is recommended with respect to cases falling within Section 4 of the Executive Order, the opinion of the contracting officer that such action is necessary to protect the foreign policy interest of the United States; and

(i) The action memorandum shall enclose all evidentiary materials, including the reports and comments of all cognizant Government or other officials, and a copy of the contractor's request. The action memorandum should provide the following information related to the contractor's request, as applicable:

(1) Date of request;

(2) Date request received by USAID:

(3) Contract number;

(4) Contractor's name and address;

(5) Name, address, and phone number of contractor's representative;

(6) Name, office symbol, and phone number of cognizant contracting officer;

(7) Amount of request.

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