48 CFR 970.5204-3 - Access to and ownership of records.

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970.5204-3 Access to and ownership of records.
As prescribed in 970.0407-1-3, insert the following clause:
Access to and Ownership of Records (DEC 2000)
(a) Government-owned records. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this clause, all records acquired or generated by the Contractor in its performance of this contract shall be the property of the Government and shall be delivered to the Government or otherwise disposed of by the Contractor either as the Contracting Officer may from time to time direct during the progress of the work or, in any event, as the Contracting Officer shall direct upon completion or termination of the contract.
(b) Contractor-owned records. The following records are considered the property of the Contractor and are not within the scope of paragraph (a) of this clause. [The Contracting Officer shall identify which of the following categories of records will be included in the clause.]
(1) Employment-related records (such as worker's compensation files; employee relations records, records on salary and employee benefits; drug testing records, labor negotiation records; records on ethics, employee concerns; records generated during the course of responding to allegations of research misconduct; records generated during other employee related investigations conducted under an expectation of confidentiality; employee assistance program records; and personnel and medical/health-related records and similar files), and non-employee patient medical/health-related records, except for those records described by the contract as being maintained in Privacy Act systems of records.
(2) Confidential contractor financial information, and correspondence between the Contractor and other segments of the Contractor located away from the DOE facility (i.e., the Contractor's corporate headquarters);
(3) Records relating to any procurement action by the Contractor, except for records that under 48 CFR 970.5232-3, Accounts, Records, and Inspection, are described as the property of the Government; and
(4) Legal records, including legal opinions, litigation files, and documents covered by the attorney-client and attorney work product privileges; and
(5) The following categories of records maintained pursuant to the technology transfer clause of this contract:
(i) Executed license agreements, including exhibits or appendices containing information on royalties, royalty rates, other financial information, or commercialization plans, and all related documents, notes and correspondence.
(ii) The Contractor's protected Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) information and appendices to a CRADA that contain licensing terms and conditions, or royalty or royalty rate information.
(iii) Patent, copyright, mask work, and trademark application files and related contractor invention disclosures, documents and correspondence, where the Contractor has elected rights or has permission to assert rights and has not relinquished such rights or turned such rights over to the Government.
(c) Contract completion or termination. In the event of completion or termination of this contract, copies of any of the Contractor-owned records identified in paragraph (b) of this clause, upon the request of the Government, shall be delivered to DOE or its designees, including successor contractors. Upon delivery, title to such records shall vest in DOE or its designees, and such records shall be protected in accordance with applicable federal laws (including the Privacy Act), as appropriate.
(d) Inspection, copying, and audit of records. All records acquired or generated by the Contractor under this contract in the possession of the Contractor, including those described at paragraph (b) of this clause, shall be subject to inspection, copying, and audit by the Government or its designees at all reasonable times, and the Contractor shall afford the Government or its designees reasonable facilities for such inspection, copying, and audit; provided, however, that upon request by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall deliver such records to a location specified by the Contracting Officer for inspection, copying, and audit. The Government or its designees shall use such records in accordance with applicable federal laws (including the Privacy Act), as appropriate.
(e) Applicability. Paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) of this clause apply to all records without regard to the date or origination of such records.
(f) Records retention standards. Special records retention standards, described at DOE Order 200.1, Information Management Program (version in effect on effective date of contract), are applicable for the classes of records described therein, whether or not the records are owned by the Government or the Contractor. In addition, the Contractor shall retain individual radiation exposure records generated in the performance of work under this contract until DOE authorizes disposal. The Government may waive application of these record retention schedules, if, upon termination or completion of the contract, the Government exercises its right under paragraph (c) of this clause to obtain copies and delivery of records described in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this clause.
(g) Subcontracts. The Contractor shall include the requirements of this clause in all subcontracts that are of a cost-reimbursement type if any of the following factors is present:
(1) The value of the subcontract is greater than $2 million (unless specifically waived by the Contracting Officer);
(2) The Contracting Officer determines that the subcontract is, or involves, a critical task related to the contract; or
(3) The subcontract includes 48 CFR 970.5223-1, Integration of Environment, Safety, and Health into Work Planning and Execution, or similar clause.
(End of clause)
[65 FR 81009, Dec. 22, 2000, as amended at 70 FR 37016, June 28, 2005; 74 FR 36374, 36378, 36380, July 22, 2009]

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