48 CFR Appendix A to Part 1232 - Instructions for Completing the SF 1034

Appendix A to Part 1232 - Instructions for Completing the SF 1034

[The SF 1034, Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal, shall be completed in accordance with the below instructions. The numbered items correspond to the entries on the form.]

Caption on the SF 1034 Data to be inserted in the block
1. U.S. Department, Bureau, or establishment and location Name and address of the contracting office which issued the contract.
2. Date voucher prepared Date voucher submitted to the designated billing office cited under the contract or order.
3. Contract No. and date Contract No. and, when applicable, the Order No. and date as shown on the award document.
4. Requisition No. and date Leave blank or fill-in in accordance with the instructions in the contract.
5. Voucher No. Start with “1” and number consecutively. A separate series of consecutive numbers must be used beginning with “1” for each contract number or order number (when applicable). Note: Insert the word “FINAL” if this is the last voucher.
6. Schedule No.; paid by; date invoice received; discount terms; payee's account No.; shipped from/to; weight; government B/L Leave all these blocks blank.
7. Payee's name and address Name and address of contractor as it appears on the contract. If the contract is assigned to a bank, also show “CONTRACT ASSIGNED” below the name and address of the contractor.
8. Number and date or order Leave blank. (See #3 above.)
9. Date of delivery or service The period for which the incurred costs are being claimed (e.g., month and year; beginning and ending date of services, etc.).
10. Articles or services Insert the following: “For detail, see the total amount of the claim transferred from the attached SF 1035, page X of X.” One space below this line, insert the following: “COST REIMBURSABLE-PROVISIONAL PAYMENT.”
11. Quantity; unit price; (cost; per) Leave blank.
12. Amount Insert the total amount claimed from the last page of the SF 1035.
Payee must NOT use the space below Do NOT write or type below this line.

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