49 CFR § 107.319 - Request for a hearing.

§ 107.319 Request for a hearing.

(a) In responding to a notice of probable violation under § 107.311, the respondent may request a formal administrative hearing on the record before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) obtained by the Office of the Chief Counsel.

(b) A request for a hearing under paragraph (a) of this section must:

(1) State the name and address of the respondent and of the person submitting the request if different from the respondent;

(2) State which allegations of violations, if any, are admitted; and

(3) State generally the issues to be raised by the respondent at the hearing. Issues not raised in the request are not barred from presentation at the hearing; and

(4) Be addressed to the official who issued the notice.

(c) After a request for a hearing that complies with the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section, the Chief Counsel obtains an ALJ to preside over the hearing and notifies the respondent of this fact. Upon assignment of an ALJ, further matters in the proceeding generally are conducted by and through the ALJ, except that the Chief Counsel and respondent may compromise or settle the case under § 107.327 of this subpart without order of the ALJ or voluntarily dismiss the case under Rule 41(a)(1) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure without order of the ALJ; in the event of such a compromise, settlement or dismissal, the Chief Counsel expeditiously will notify the ALJ thereof.

(d) At any time after requesting a formal administrative hearing but prior to the issuance of a decision and final order by the ALJ, the respondent may withdraw such request in writing, thereby terminating the jurisdication of the ALJ in the case. Such a withdrawal constitutes an irrevocable waiver of respondent's right to such a hearing on the facts, allegations, and proposed sanction presented in the notice of probable violation to which the request for hearing relates.

[Amdt. 107-11, 48 FR 2651, Jan. 20, 1983, as amended at 48 FR 17094, Apr. 21, 1983; Amdt. 107-19, 54 FR 22899, May 30, 1989]

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