49 CFR § 107.404 - Conditions of designation.

§ 107.404 Conditions of designation.

(a) Each designation made under this subpart contains the following conditions:

(1) The designated approval or certification agency may use only testing equipment that it has determined, through personal inspection, to be suitable for the purpose.

(2) Each approval certificate and certification issued by the designated approval agency must contain the name and identification code of the approval agency.

(3) Each approval certificate and certification must be in a format acceptable to the Associate Administrator.

(b) The designated approval agency shall notify the Associate Administrator within 20 days after the date there is any change in the information submitted under § 107.402.

(c) The designated approval agency shall comply with all of the terms and conditions stated in its letter of designation under the subpart.

(d) Nothing in this part relieves a manufacturer or owner of a packaging of responsibility for compliance with any of the applicable requirements of this title.

[Amdt. 107-13, 50 FR 10062, Mar. 13, 1985, as amended by Amdt. 107-23, 56 FR 66157, Dec. 20, 1991; 66 FR 45377, Aug. 28, 2001]

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