49 CFR § 1110.2 - Opening of proceeding.

§ 1110.2 Opening of proceeding.

(a) The Board may open a rulemaking proceeding on its own motion. In doing so, it may consider the recommendations of other agencies of the United States and of other persons.

(b) Any person may petition the Board to open a proceeding to issue, amend, or repeal a rule.

(c) Each petition seeking the institution of a proceeding, filed under this section must:

(1) Be submitted to the Chief, Section of Administration, Office of Proceedings, Surface Transportation Board, Washington DC;

(2) Set forth the text or substance of the rule or amendment proposed or specify the rule that the petitioner wants to have repealed or modified;

(3) Explain the interest of the petitioner in the action requested; and

(4) Contain any information and arguments available to the petitioner to support the action sought and may detail any environmental, energy, or small business considerations.

(d) In rail cases, the Board will grant or deny a petition within 120 days of its receipt.

(e) If the Board determines that a petition contains adequate justification, it will open a rulemaking proceeding pursuant to § 1110.3 and will notify the petitioner of its action.

(f) If the Board determines that the petition does not contain adequate justification for opening a rulemaking proceeding, the petition will be denied, with a brief statement of the grounds for denial, and the petitioner will be notified of the Board's action.

(g) If a petition under this section concerning a common carrier by railroad is granted, the Board will proceed as soon as it is practicable. If the petition is denied, the Board will publish a statement of the reasons for the denial in the Federal Register.

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