49 CFR § 1115.3 - Board actions other than initial decisions.

§ 1115.3 Board actions other than initial decisions.

(a) A discretionary appeal of an entire Board action is permitted. Such an appeal should be designated a “petition for reconsideration.”

(b) The petition will be granted only upon a showing of one or more of the following points:

(1) The prior action will be affected materially because of new evidence or changed circumstances.

(2) The prior action involves material error.

(c) The petition must state in detail the nature of and reasons for the relief requested. When, in a petition filed under this section, a party seeks an opportunity to introduce evidence, the evidence must be stated briefly and must not appear to be cumulative, and an explanation must be given why it was not previously adduced.

(d) The petition and any reply must not exceed 20 pages in length. A separate preface and summary of argument, not exceeding 3 pages, may accompany petitions and replies and must accompany those that exceed 10 pages in length.

(e) Petitions must be filed within 20 days after the service of the action or within any further period (not to exceed 20 days) as the Board may authorize.

(f) The filing of a petition will not automatically stay the effect of a prior action, but the Board may stay the effect of the action on its own motion or on petition. A petition to stay may be filed in advance of the petition for reconsideration and shall be filed within 10 days of service of the action. No reply need be filed. However, if a party elects to file a reply, it must reach the Board no later than 16 days after service of the action. In all proceedings, the action, if not stayed, will become effective 30 days after it is served, unless the Board provides for the action to become effective at a different date. On the day the action is served parties may initiate judicial review.

[61 FR 52714, Oct. 8, 1996, as amended at 61 FR 58491, Nov. 15, 1996]

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