49 CFR § 1331.2 - Required exhibits.

§ 1331.2 Required exhibits.

There shall be filed with and made a part of each original application, and each copy, the following exhibits:

(a) As Exhibit 1, a true copy of the agreement.

(b) If the agreement pertains to a conference, bureau, committee, or other organization:

(1) As Exhibit 2, a copy of the constitution, bylaws, or other documents or writings specifying the organization's powers, duties, and procedures, unless incorporated in the agreement filed as Exhibit 1;

(2) As Exhibit 3, an organization chart; and

(3) As Exhibit 4, a schedule of its charges to members or a statement showing how the expenses are divided among the members.

(c) As Exhibit 5, opinion of counsel that the application meets the requirements of 49 U.S.C. 10706, with specific reference to any specially pertinent provisions of articles of incorporation or association.

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