49 CFR § 1542.221 - Records of law enforcement response.

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§ 1542.221 Records of law enforcement response.

(a) Each airport operator must ensure that -

(1) A record is made of each law enforcement action taken in furtherance of this part; and

(2) The record is maintained for a minimum of 180 days.

(b) Data developed in response to paragraph (a) of this section must include at least the following, except as authorized by TSA:

(1) The number and type of weapons, explosives, or incendiaries discovered during any passenger-screening process, and the method of detection of each.

(2) The number of acts and attempted acts of aircraft piracy.

(3) The number of bomb threats received, real and simulated bombs found, and actual detonations on the airport.

(4) The number of arrests, including -

(i) Name, address, and the immediate disposition of each individual arrested;

(ii) Type of weapon, explosive, or incendiary confiscated, as appropriate; and

(iii) Identification of the aircraft operators or foreign air carriers on which the individual arrested was, or was scheduled to be, a passenger or which screened that individual, as appropriate.

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