49 CFR § 172.560 - CLASS 9 placard.

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§ 172.560 CLASS 9 placard.

(a) Except for size and color the CLASS 9 (miscellaneous hazardous materials) placard must be as follows:

Class 9 placard

(b) In addition to conformance with § 172.519, the background on the CLASS 9 placard must be white with seven black vertical stripes on the top half extending from the top of the placard to one inch above the horizontal centerline. The black vertical stripes must be spaced so that, visually, they appear equal in width to the six white spaces between them. The space below the vertical lines must be white with the class number 9 underlined and centered at the bottom.

[Amdt. 172-123, 56 FR 66264, Dec. 20, 1991, as amended at 57 FR 45460, Oct. 1, 1992]