49 CFR § 176.58 - Preparation of the vessel.

§ 176.58 Preparation of the vessel.

(a) Each hold or compartment in which hazardous materials are to be stowed must be free of all debris before the hazardous materials are stowed. Bilges must be examined and all residue of previous cargo removed.

(b) All decks, gangways, hatches, and cargo ports over or through which hazardous materials must be passed or handled in loading or unloading must be free of all loose materials before cargo handling operations begin.

(c) No debris that creates a fire hazard or a hazardous condition for persons engaged in handling hazardous materials may be on the weather deck of a vessel during loading or unloading operations.

(d) Hatch beams and hatch covers may not be stowed in a location that would interfere with cargo handling.

[Amdt. 176-30, 55 FR 52689, Dec. 21, 1990]