49 CFR § 178.811 - Bottom lift test.

§ 178.811 Bottom lift test.

(a) General. The bottom lift test must be conducted for the qualification of all IBC design types designed to be lifted from the base.

(b) Special preparation for the bottom lift test. The IBC must be loaded to 1.25 times its maximum permissible gross mass, the load being evenly distributed.

(c) Test method. All IBC design types must be raised and lowered twice by a lift truck with the forks centrally positioned and spaced at three quarters of the dimension of the side of entry (unless the points of entry are fixed). The forks must penetrate to three quarters of the direction of entry. The test must be repeated from each possible direction of entry.

(d) Criteria for passing the test. For all IBC design types designed to be lifted from the base, there may be no permanent deformation which renders the IBC unsafe for transportation and no loss of contents.

[Amdt. 178-103, 59 FR 38074, July 26, 1994, as amended at 66 FR 45386, Aug. 28, 2001]

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