49 CFR § 179.200-24 - Stamping.

§ 179.200-24 Stamping.

(a) To certify that the tank complies with all specification requirements, each tank shall be plainly and permanently stamped in letters and figures at least 3/8 inch high into the metal near the center of both outside heads as follows:

Example of required stamping
Specification DOT-111A
Material ASTM A 516–GR 70
Cladding material (if any) ASTM A240–304 Clad
Tank builder's initials ABC
Date of original test 00–0000
Car assembler (if other than tank builder) DEF

(b) On Class DOT-111 tank cars, the last numeral of the specification number may be omitted from the stamping; for example, DOT-111A100W.

(c) After July 25, 2012, newly constructed DOT tank cars must have their DOT specification and other required information stamped plainly and permanently on stainless steel identification plates in conformance with the applicable requirements prescribed in § 179.24(a). Tank cars built before July 25, 2012, may have the identification plates instead of or in addition to the head stamping.

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