49 CFR § 179.201-6 - Manways and manway closures.

§ 179.201-6 Manways and manway closures.

(a) The manway cover for spec. DOT 104W, 111A60ALW1, 111A60W1, 111A100ALW1, 111A100W1, 111A100W3, or 111A100W6 must be designed to make it impossible to remove the cover while the interior of the tank is subjected to pressure.

(b) The manway cover for spec. DOT 111A60W5, or 111A100W5 must be made of a suitable metal. The top, bottom and edge of manway cover must be acid resistant material covered as prescribed in § 179.201–3. Through-bolt holes must be lined with acid resistant material at least one-eighth inch in thickness. A manway cover made of metal not affected by the lading need not be acid resistant material covered.

(c) The manway ring and cover for specifications DOT–103CW, 103DW, 103EW, 111A60W7, or 111A100W6 must be made of the metal and have the same inspection procedures specified in AAR Specifications for Tank Cars, appendix M, M3.03 (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter).

[85 FR 83403, Dec. 21, 2020]