49 CFR § 179.220-15 - Support system for inner container.

§ 179.220-15 Support system for inner container.

(a) The inner container must be supported within the outer shell by a support system of adequate strength and ductility at its operating temperature to support the inner container when filled with liquid lading to any level. The support system must be designed to support, without yielding, impact loads producing accelerations of the following magnitudes and directions when the inner container is loaded so that the car is at its rail load limit, and the car is equipped with a conventional AAR Specification M–901 draft gear.


(b) The longitudinal acceleration may be reduced to 3G where a cushioning device of approved design, which has been tested to demonstrate its ability to limit body forces to 400,000 pounds maximum at a 10 miles per hour impact, is used between the coupler and the tank structure. The support system must be of approved design and the inner container must be thermally isolated from the outer shell to the best practical extent. The inner container and outer shell must be permanently bonded to each other electrically either by the support system used, piping, or by a separate electrical connection of approved design.

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