49 CFR § 179.400-22 - Protective housings.

§ 179.400-22 Protective housings.

Each valve, gage, closure and pressure relief device, with the exception of secondary relief valves for the protection of isolated piping, must be enclosed within a protective housing. The protective housing must be adequate to protect the enclosed components from direct solar radiation, mud, sand, adverse environmental exposure and mechanical damage incident to normal operation of the tank car. It must be designed to provide reasonable access to the enclosed components for operation, inspection and maintenance and so that vapor concentrations cannot build up to a dangerous level inside the housing in the event of valve leakage or pressure relief valve operation. All equipment within the protective housing must be operable by personnel wearing heavy gloves and must incorporate provisions for locks or seals. A protective housing and its cover must be constructed of metal not less than 0.119 inch thick.