49 CFR § 179.400-24 - Stamping.

§ 179.400-24 Stamping.

(a) A tank that complies with all specification requirements must have the following information plainly and permanently stamped into the metal near the center of the head of the outer jacket at the “B” end of the car, in letters and figures at least 3/8-inch high, in the following order:

Example of required stamping
Specification DOT-113A60W.
Design service temperature Minus 423 °F.
Inner tank Inner Tank.
Material ASTM A240–304.
Shell thickness Shell 3/16 inch.
Head thickness Head 3/16 inch.
Inside diameter ID 107 inch.
Inner tank builder's initials ABC.
Date of original test (month and year) and initials of person conducting original test 00–0000GHK.
Water capacity 00000 lbs.
Outer jacket Outer jacket.
Material ASTM A515–70.
Outer jacket builder's initials DEF.
Car assembler's initials (if other than inner tank or outer jacket builder) XYZ.

(b) Any stamping on the shell or heads of the inner tank is prohibited.

(c) In lieu of the stamping required by paragraph (a) of this section, the specified markings may be incorporated on a data plate of corrosion-resistant metal, fillet welded in place on the head of the outer jacket at the “B” end of the car.