49 CFR § 179.500-5 - Material.

§ 179.500-5 Material.

(a) Tanks shall be made from open-hearth or electric steel of uniform quality. Material shall be free from seams, cracks, laminations, or other defects injurious to finished tank. If not free from such defects, the surface may be machined or ground to eliminate these defects. Forgings and seamless tubing for bodies of tanks shall be stamped with heat numbers.

(b) Steel (see Note 1) must conform to the following requirements as to chemical composition:

Designation Class I (percent) Class II (percent) Class III (percent)
Carbon, maximum 0.50 0.50 0.53
Manganese, maximum 1.65 1.65 1.85
Phosphorus, maximum .05 .05 .05
Sulphur, maximum .06 .05 .05
Silicon, maximum .35 .30 .37
Molybdenum, maximum .25 .30
Chromium, maximum .30 .30
Sum of manganese and carbon not over 2.10 2.10

Note 1: Alternate steel containing other alloying elements may be used if approved.

(1) For instructions as to the obtaining and checking of chemical analysis, see § 179.500–18(b)(3).

(2) [Reserved]