49 CFR § 190.209 - Case file.

§ 190.209 Case file.

(a) The case file, as defined in this section, is available to the respondent in all enforcement proceedings conducted under this subpart.

(b) The case file of an enforcement proceeding consists of the following:

(1) In cases commenced under § 190.206, the notice of amendment and the relevant procedures;

(2) In cases commenced under § 190.207, the notice of probable violation and the violation report;

(3) In cases commenced under § 190.233, the corrective action order or notice of proposed corrective action order and the data report, if one is prepared;

(4) In cases commenced under § 190.239, the notice of proposed safety order;

(5) Any documents and other material submitted by the respondent in response to the enforcement action;

(6) In cases involving a hearing, any material submitted during and after the hearing as set forth in § 190.211; and

(7) The Regional Director's written evaluation of response material submitted by the respondent and recommendation for final action, if one is prepared.

[Amdt. 190–16, 78 FR 58910, Sept. 25, 2013]