49 CFR § 192.181 - Distribution line valves.

§ 192.181 Distribution line valves.

(a) Each high-pressure distribution system must have valves spaced so as to reduce the time to shut down a section of main in an emergency. The valve spacing is determined by the operating pressure, the size of the mains, and the local physical conditions.

(b) Each regulator station controlling the flow or pressure of gas in a distribution system must have a valve installed on the inlet piping at a distance from the regulator station sufficient to permit the operation of the valve during an emergency that might preclude access to the station.

(c) Each valve on a main installed for operating or emergency purposes must comply with the following:

(1) The valve must be placed in a readily accessible location so as to facilitate its operation in an emergency.

(2) The operating stem or mechanism must be readily accessible.

(3) If the valve is installed in a buried box or enclosure, the box or enclosure must be installed so as to avoid transmitting external loads to the main.