49 CFR § 192.553 - General requirements.

§ 192.553 General requirements.

(a) Pressure increases. Whenever the requirements of this subpart require that an increase in operating pressure be made in increments, the pressure must be increased gradually, at a rate that can be controlled, and in accordance with the following:

(1) At the end of each incremental increase, the pressure must be held constant while the entire segment of pipeline that is affected is checked for leaks.

(2) Each leak detected must be repaired before a further pressure increase is made, except that a leak determined not to be potentially hazardous need not be repaired, if it is monitored during the pressure increase and it does not become potentially hazardous.

(b) Records. Each operator who uprates a segment of pipeline shall retain for the life of the segment a record of each investigation required by this subpart, of all work performed, and of each pressure test conducted, in connection with the uprating.

(c) Written plan. Each operator who uprates a segment of pipeline shall establish a written procedure that will ensure that each applicable requirement of this subpart is complied with.

(d) Limitation on increase in maximum allowable operating pressure. Except as provided in § 192.555(c), a new maximum allowable operating pressure established under this subpart may not exceed the maximum that would be allowed under §§ 192.619 and 192.621 for a new segment of pipeline constructed of the same materials in the same location. However, when uprating a steel pipeline, if any variable necessary to determine the design pressure under the design formula (§ 192.105) is unknown, the MAOP may be increased as provided in § 192.619(a)(1).

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