49 CFR § 192.805 - Qualification program.

§ 192.805 Qualification program.

Each operator shall have and follow a written qualification program. The program shall include provisions to:

(a) Identify covered tasks;

(b) Ensure through evaluation that individuals performing covered tasks are qualified;

(c) Allow individuals that are not qualified pursuant to this subpart to perform a covered task if directed and observed by an individual that is qualified;

(d) Evaluate an individual if the operator has reason to believe that the individual's performance of a covered task contributed to an incident as defined in Part 191;

(e) Evaluate an individual if the operator has reason to believe that the individual is no longer qualified to perform a covered task;

(f) Communicate changes that affect covered tasks to individuals performing those covered tasks;

(g) Identify those covered tasks and the intervals at which evaluation of the individual's qualifications is needed;

(h) After December 16, 2004, provide training, as appropriate, to ensure that individuals performing covered tasks have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the tasks in a manner that ensures the safe operation of pipeline facilities; and

(i) After December 16, 2004, notify the Administrator or a state agency participating under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 601 if an operator significantly modifies the program after the administrator or state agency has verified that it complies with this section. Notifications to PHMSA must be submitted in accordance with § 192.18.

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