49 CFR § 193.2603 - General.

§ 193.2603 General.

(a) Each component in service, including its support system, must be maintained in a condition that is compatible with its operational or safety purpose by repair, replacement, or other means.

(b) An operator may not place, return, or continue in service any component which is not maintained in accordance with this subpart.

(c) Each component taken out of service must be identified in the records kept under § 193.2639.

(d) If a safety device is taken out of service for maintenance, the component being served by the device must be taken out of service unless the same safety function is provided by an alternate means.

(e) If the inadvertent operation of a component taken out of service could cause a hazardous condition, that component must have a tag attached to the controls bearing the words “do not operate” or words of comparable meaning.