49 CFR § 193.2605 - Maintenance procedures.

§ 193.2605 Maintenance procedures.

(a) Each operator shall determine and perform, consistent with generally accepted engineering practice, the periodic inspections or tests needed to meet the applicable requirements of this subpart and to verify that components meet the maintenance standards prescribed by this subpart.

(b) Each operator shall follow one or more manuals of written procedures for the maintenance of each component, including any required corrosion control. The procedures must include:

(1) The details of the inspections or tests determined under paragraph (a) of this section and their frequency of performance; and

(2) A description of other actions necessary to maintain the LNG plant according to the requirements of this subpart.

(c) Each operator shall include in the manual required by paragraph (b) of this section instructions enabling personnel who perform operation and maintenance activities to recognize conditions that potentially may be safety-related conditions that are subject to the reporting requirements of § 191.23 of this subchapter.

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