49 CFR § 193.2615 - Isolating and purging.

§ 193.2615 Isolating and purging.

(a) Before personnel begin maintenance activities on components handling flammable fluids which are isolated for maintenance, the component must be purged in accordance with a procedure which meets the requirements of “Purging Principles and Practices (incorporated by reference, see § 193.2013)”; unless the maintenance procedures under § 193.2605 provide that the activity can be safely performed without purging.

(b) If the component or maintenance activity provides an ignition source, a technique in addition to isolation valves (such as removing spool pieces or valves and blank flanging the piping, or double block and bleed valving) must be used to ensure that the work area is free of flammable fluids.

[Amdt. 193-2, 45 FR 70405, Oct. 23, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 193-25, 80 FR 184, Jan. 5, 2015]