49 CFR § 195.18 - How to notify PHMSA.

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§ 195.18 How to notify PHMSA.

(a) An operator must provide any notification required by this part by:

(1) Sending the notification by electronic mail to InformationResourcesManager@dot.gov; or

(2) Sending the notification by mail to ATTN: Information Resources Manager, DOT/PHMSA/OPS, East Building, 2nd Floor, E22-321, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20590.

(b) An operator must also notify the appropriate State or local pipeline safety authority when an applicable pipeline segment is located in a State where OPS has an interstate agent agreement, or an intrastate pipeline segment is regulated by that State.

(c) Unless otherwise specified, if an operator submits, pursuant to § 195.258, § 195.260, § 195.418, § 195.419, § 195.420 or § 195.452 a notification requesting use of a different integrity assessment method, analytical method, sampling approach, compliance timeline, or technique (e.g., “other technology” or “alternative equivalent technology”) than otherwise prescribed in those sections, that notification must be submitted to PHMSA for review at least 90 days in advance of using that other method, approach, compliance timeline, or technique. An operator may proceed to use the other method, approach, compliance timeline, or technique 91 days after submittal of the notification unless it receives a letter from the Associate Administrator of Pipeline Safety informing the operator that PHMSA objects to the proposal, or that PHMSA requires additional time and/or information to conduct its review.

[Amdt. 195-105, 87 FR 20987, Apr. 8, 2022]