49 CFR § 195.305 - Testing of components.

§ 195.305 Testing of components.

(a) Each pressure test under § 195.302 must test all pipe and attached fittings, including components, unless otherwise permitted by paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) A component, other than pipe, that is the only item being replaced or added to the pipeline system need not be hydrostatically tested under paragraph (a) of this section if the manufacturer certifies that either—

(1) The component was hydrostatically tested at the factory; or

(2) The component was manufactured under a quality control system that ensures each component is at least equal in strength to a prototype that was hydrostatically tested at the factory.

[Amdt. 195–22, 46 FR 38360, July 27, 1981, as amended by Amdt. 195–51, 59 FR 29385, June 7, 1994; Amdt. 195–52, 59 FR 33397, June 28, 1994. Redesignated by Amdt. 195–65, 63 FR 59480, Nov. 4, 1998]

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