49 CFR § 199.3 - Definitions.

§ 199.3 Definitions.

As used in this part -

Accident means an incident reportable under part 191 of this chapter involving gas pipeline facilities or LNG facilities, or an accident reportable under part 195 of this chapter involving hazardous liquid pipeline facilities.

Administrator means the Administrator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration or his or her delegate.

Covered employee, employee, or individual to be tested means a person who performs a covered function, including persons employed by operators, contractors engaged by operators, and persons employed by such contractors.

Covered function means an operations, maintenance, or emergency-response function regulated by part 192, 193, or 195 of this chapter that is performed on a pipeline or on an LNG facility.

DOT Procedures means the Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs published by the Office of the Secretary of Transportation in part 40 of this title.

Fail a drug test means that the confirmation test result shows positive evidence of the presence under DOT Procedures of a prohibited drug in an employee's system.

Operator means a person who owns or operates pipeline facilities subject to part 192, 193, or 195 of this chapter.

Pass a drug test means that initial testing or confirmation testing under DOT Procedures does not show evidence of the presence of a prohibited drug in a person's system.

Performs a covered function includes actually performing, ready to perform, or immediately available to perform a covered function.

Positive rate for random drug testing means the number of verified positive results for random drug tests conducted under this part plus the number of refusals of random drug tests required by this part, divided by the total number of random drug tests results (i.e., positives, negatives, and refusals) under this part.

Prohibited drug means any of the substances specified in 49 CFR part 40.

Refuse to submit, refuse, or refuse to take means behavior consistent with DOT Procedures concerning refusal to take a drug test or refusal to take an alcohol test.

State agency means an agency of any of the several states, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico that participates under the pipeline safety laws (49 U.S.C. 60101 et seq.)

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