49 CFR § 212.201 - General qualifications of State inspection personnel.

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§ 212.201 General qualifications of State inspection personnel.

(a) This subpart prescribes the minimum qualification requirements for State railroad safety inspectors, compliance inspectors and inspector apprentices. A State agency may establish more stringent or additional requirements for its employees.

(b) An inspector, compliance inspector, or apprentice inspector shall be recognized as qualified under this part by the State agency and the Associate Administrator prior to assuming the responsibilities of the position.

(c) Each inspector, compliance inspectors and apprentice inspector shall be a bona fide employee of the State agency.

(d) Each inspector, compliance inspector, and apprentice inspector shall demonstrate:

(1) The ability to read and comprehend written materials such as training and enforcement manuals, regulations, operating and safety rules of the railroad, and similar materials;

(2) The ability to compose narrative reports of investigative findings that are clear, complete, and grammatically acceptable;

(3) The ability to record data on standard report forms with a high degree of accuracy;

(4) The ability to communicate orally; and

(5) Basic knowledge of rail transportation functions, the organization of railroad, shipper, and manufacturer companies, and standard industry rules for personal safety.

(e) Each inspector shall demonstrate a thorough knowledge of:

(1) Railroad rules, practices, record systems, and terminology common to operating and maintenance functions; and

(2) The scope and major requirements of all of the Federal railroad safety laws and regulations.

(f) In addition to meeting the requirements of this section, each inspector and apprentice inspector shall meet the applicable requirements of §§ 212.203 through 212.229 of this subpart.

[47 FR 41051, Sept. 16, 1982, as amended at 57 FR 28115, June 24, 1992]

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