49 CFR § 212.215 - Locomotive inspector.

§ 212.215 Locomotive inspector.

(a) The locomotive inspector is required, at a minimum, to be able to conduct independent inspections of locomotives and air brake systems for the purpose of determining compliance with applicable sections of the Safety Glazing Standards (49 CFR part 223), Locomotive Safety Standards (49 CFR part 229), Safety Appliance Standards (49 CFR part 231) and Power Brake Standards (49 CFR part 232), to make reports of those inspections and to recommend the institution of enforcement actions when appropriate to promote compliance.

(b) The locomotive inspector is required, at a minimum, to have at least four years of experience in locomotive construction or maintenance. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a related technical specialization may be substituted for two of the four years of this experience requirement and successful completion of the apprentice training program may be substituted for the four year experience requirement.

(c) The locomotive inspector shall demonstrate the following specific qualifications:

(1) A comprehensive knowledge of construction, testing, inspecting and repair of locomotive and air brakes;

(2) The ability to understand and detect deviations from:

(i) Railroad equipment maintenance standards accepted in the industry; and

(ii) Safety Glazing Standards, Locomotive Safety Standards, Safety Appliance Standards and Power Brake Standards;

(3) The knowledge of railroad operating procedures associated with the operation of locomotives and air brakes sufficient to understand the safety significance of deviations and combinations of deviations; and

(4) Specialized knowledge of proper remedial action to be taken in order to bring defective locomotives, and air brakes into compliance with applicable Federal standards.

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