49 CFR § 212.3 - Definitions.

§ 212.3 Definitions.

As used in this part:

(a) Administrator means the Federal Railroad Administrator or the Deputy Administrator or the delegate of either of them.

(b) Associate Administrator means the Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), or the Deputy Associate Administrator for Safety, FRA.

(c) FRA means the Federal Railroad Administration.

(d) Federal railroad safety laws means the following enactments, together with regulations and orders issued under their authority:

(1) The Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970, as amended (45 U.S.C. 421, 431-441);

(2) The Safety Appliance Acts, as amended (45 U.S.C. 1-16);

(3) The Locomotive Inspection Act, as amended (45 U.S.C. 22-34);

(4) The Signal Inspection Act, as amended (49 U.S.C. 26);

(5) The Accident Reports Act, as amended (45 U.S.C. 38-42);

(6) The Hours of Service Act, as amended (45 U.S.C. 61-64(b); and

(7) The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (49 app. U.S.C. 1801 et seq.), as it pertains to shipment or transportation by railroad.

(e) Manufacturer means a person that manufactures, fabricates, marks, maintains, reconditions, repairs, or tests containers which are represented, marked, certified, or sold for use in the bulk transportation of hazardous materials by railroad.

(f) Shipper means a person that offers a hazardous material for transportation or otherwise causes it to be transported.

(g) Planned compliance inspections means investigative and surveillance activities described in the annual work plan required by § 212.109 of this part that provide basic surveillance of railroad facilities, equipment and/or operations for the purpose of determining the level of compliance with relevant Federal safety requirements.

[47 FR 41051, Sept. 16, 1982, as amended at 57 FR 28115, June 24, 1992]

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