49 CFR § 214.341 - Roadway maintenance machines.

§ 214.341 Roadway maintenance machines.

(a) Each employer shall include in its on-track safety program specific provisions for the safety of roadway workers who operate or work near roadway maintenance machines. Those provisions shall address:

(1) Training and qualification of operators of roadway maintenance machines.

(2) Establishment and issuance of safety procedures both for general application and for specific types of machines.

(3) Communication between machine operators and roadway workers assigned to work near or on roadway maintenance machines.

(4) Spacing between machines to prevent collisions.

(5) Space between machines and roadway workers to prevent personal injury.

(6) Maximum working and travel speeds for machines dependent upon weather, visibility, and stopping capabilities.

(b) Instructions for the safe operation of each roadway machine shall be provided and maintained with each machine large enough to carry the instruction document.

(1) No roadway worker shall operate a roadway maintenance machine without having been trained in accordance with § 214.355.

(2) No roadway worker shall operate a roadway maintenance machine without having knowledge of the safety instructions applicable to that machine. For purposes of this paragraph, the safety instructions applicable to that machine means:

(i) The manufacturer's instruction manual for that machine; or

(ii) The safety instructions developed to replace the manufacturer's safety instructions when the machine has been adapted for a specific railroad use. Such instructions shall address all aspects of the safe operation of the crane and shall be as comprehensive as the manufacturer's safety instructions they replace.

(3) No employer shall assign roadway workers to work near roadway machines unless the roadway worker has been informed of the safety procedures applicable to persons working near the roadway machines and has acknowledged full understanding.

(c) Components of roadway maintenance machines shall be kept clear of trains passing on adjacent tracks. Where operating conditions permit roadway maintenance machines to be less than four feet from the rail of an adjacent track, the on-track safety program of the railroad shall include the procedural instructions necessary to provide adequate clearance between the machine and passing trains.

[61 FR 65976, Dec. 16, 1996, as amended at 79 FR 66501, Nov. 7, 2014]

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