49 CFR § 214.343 - Training and qualification, general.

§ 214.343 Training and qualification, general.

(a) No employer shall assign an employee to perform the duties of a roadway worker, and no employee shall accept such assignment, unless that employee has received training in the on-track safety procedures associated with the assignment to be performed, and that employee has demonstrated the ability to fulfill the responsibilities for on-track safety that are required of an individual roadway worker performing that assignment.

(b) Each employer shall provide to all roadway workers in its employ initial or recurrent training once every calendar year on the on-track safety rules and procedures that they are required to follow.

(c) Except as provided for in § 214.353, railroad employees other than roadway workers, who are associated with on-track safety procedures, and whose primary duties are concerned with the movement and protection of trains, shall be trained to perform their functions related to on-track safety through the training and qualification procedures prescribed by the operating railroad for the primary position of the employee, including maintenance of records and frequency of training.

(d) Each employer of roadway workers shall maintain written or electronic records of each roadway worker qualification in effect. Each record shall include the name of the employee, the type of qualification made, and the most recent date of qualification. These records shall be kept available for inspection and photocopying by the Federal Railroad Administrator during regular business hours.

[61 FR 65976, Dec. 16, 1996, as amended at 81 FR 37889, June 10, 2016]

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