49 CFR § 215.203 - Restricted cars.

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§ 215.203 Restricted cars.

(a) This section restricts the operation of any railroad freight car that is -

(1) More than 50 years old, measured from the date of original construction;

(2) Equipped with any design or type component listed in appendix A to this part; or

(3) Equipped with a Duryea underframe constructed before April 1, 1950, except for a caboose which is operated as the last car in a train.

(b) A railroad may not place or continue in service a railroad freight car described in paragraph (a) of this section, except under conditions approved by the Federal Railroad Administrator.

(c) A railroad may petition the Administrator to continue in service a car described in paragraph (a) of this section. Each petition shall be

(1) Be submitted not less than 90 days before the car is to be operated;

(2) Be submitted; and

(3)State or describe the following:

(i) The name and principal business address of the petitioning railroad.

(ii) The name and address of the entity that controls the operation and maintenance of the car involved.

(iii) The number, type, capacity, reporting marks, and car numbers of the cars, their condition, status, and age measured from the date of original construction.

(iv) The design, type component, or other item that causes the car to be restricted.

(v) The maximum load the cars would carry.

(vi) The maximum speed at which the cars would be operated.

(vii) That each car has been examined and found to be safe to operate under the conditions set forth in the petition.

(viii) The territorial limits within which the cars are to be operated and the name of each railroad that will receive the cars in interchange.

[44 FR 77340, Dec. 31, 1979, as amended at 74 FR 25172, May 27, 2009]