49 CFR § 228.103 - Approval procedure: construction within one-half mile (2,640 feet) (804 meters).

§ 228.103 Approval procedure: construction within one-half mile (2,640 feet) (804 meters).

(a) A common carrier that has developed plans for the construction or reconstruction of sleeping quarters subject to this subpart and which is considering a site less than one-half mile (2,640 feet) (804 meters) from any area where switching or humping operations are performed, measured from the nearest rail of the nearest trackage utilized on a regular or intermittent basis for switching or humping operations to the point on the site where the carrier proposes to construct or reconstruct the exterior wall of the structure, or portion of such wall, which is closest to such operations, must obtain the approval of the Federal Railroad Administration before commencing construction or reconstruction on that site. Approval may be requested by filing a petition conforming to the requirements of this subpart.

(b) A carrier is deemed to have conducted switching or humping operations on particular trackage within the meaning of this subpart if placarded cars are subjected to the operations described in § 228.101(c)(3) within the 365-day period immediately preceding the date construction or reconstruction is commenced or if such operations are to be permitted on such trackage after such date. If the carrier does not have reliable records concerning the traffic handled on the trackage within the specified period, it shall be presumed that switching of placarded cars is conducted at the location and construction or reconstruction of sleeping quarters within one-half mile shall be subject to the approval procedures of this subpart.

(c) A petition shall be filed in accordance with the requirements of § 211.7(b)(1) of this chapter and shall contain the following:

(1) A brief description of the type of construction planned, including materials to be employed, means of egress from the quarters, and actual and projected exterior noise levels and projected interior noise levels;

(2) The number of employees expected to utilize the quarters at full capacity;

(3) A brief description of the site, including:

(i) Distance from trackage where switching or humping operations are performed, specifying distances from particular functions such as classification, repair, assembling of trains from large groups of cars, etc. cetera;

(ii) Topography within a general area consisting of the site and all of the rail facilities close to the site;

(iii) Location of other physical improvements situated between the site and areas where railroad operations are conducted;

(4) A blueprint or other drawing showing the relationship of the site to trackage and other planned and existing facilities;

(5) The proposed or estimated date for commencement of construction;

(6) A description of the average number and variety of rail operations in the areas within one-half mile (2,640 feet) (804 meters) of the site (e.g., number of cars classified in 24-hour period; number of train movements);

(7) An estimate of the average daily number of placarded rail cars transporting hazardous materials through the railroad facility (where practicable, based on a 365-day period sample, that period not having ended more than 120 days prior to the date of filing the petition), specifying the -

(i) Number of such cars transporting class A explosives and poison gases; and

(ii) Number of DOT Specification 112A and 114A tank cars transporting flammable gas subject to FRA emergency order No. 5;

(8) A statement certified by a corporate officer of the carrier possessing authority over the subject matter explaining any plans of that carrier for utilization of existing trackage, or for the construction of new trackage, which may impact on the location of switching or humping operations within one-half mile of the proposed site (if there are no plans, the carrier official must so certify); and

(9) Any further information which is necessary for evaluation of the site.

(d) A petition filed under this section must contain a statement that the petition has been served on the recognized representatives of the railroad employees who will be utilizing the proposed sleeping quarters, together with a list of the employee representatives served.

[43 FR 31012, July 19, 1978, as amended at 74 FR 25173, May 27, 2009]

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