49 CFR 228.201 - Electronic recordkeeping; general.

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§ 228.201 Electronic recordkeeping; general.

For purposes of compliance with the recordkeeping requirements of subpart B, a railroad, or a contractor or a subcontractor to a railroad may create and maintain any of the records required by subpart B through electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval provided that all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The system used to generate the electronic record meets all requirements of this subpart;

(2) The electronically generated record contains the information required by § 228.11;

(3) The railroad, or contractor or subcontractor to the railroad, monitors its electronic database of employee hours of duty records through sufficient number of monitoring indicators to ensure a high degree of accuracy of these records; and

(4) The railroad, or contractor or subcontractor to the railroad, trains its employees on the proper use of the electronic recordkeeping system to enter the information necessary to create their hours of service record, as required by § 228.207.

(5) The railroad, or contractor or subcontractor to the railroad, maintains an information technology security program adequate to ensure the integrity of the system, including the prevention of unauthorized access to the program logic or individual records.

(6) FRA's Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety/Chief Safety Officer may prohibit or revoke the authority to use an electronic system if FRA finds the system is not properly secure, is inaccessible to FRA, or fails to record and store the information adequately and accurately. FRA will record such a determination in writing, including the basis for such action, and will provide a copy of its determination to the affected railroad, or contractor or subcontractor to a railroad.