49 CFR 229.303 - Applicability.

§ 229.303 Applicability.

(a) The requirements of this subpart apply to all safety-critical electronic locomotive control systems, subsystems, and components (i.e., “products” as defined in § 229.305), except for the following:

(1) Products that are fully developed prior to June 8, 2012.

(2) Products that are under development as of October 9, 2012, and are fully developed prior to October 9, 2017.

(3) Products that comingle locomotive control systems with safety critical processor based signal and train control systems;

(4) Products that are used during on-track testing within a test facility; and

(5) Products that are used during on-track testing outside a test facility, if approved by FRA. To obtain FRA approval of on-track testing outside of a test facility, a railroad shall submit a request to FRA that provides:

(i) Adequate information regarding the function and history of the product that it intends to use;

(ii) The proposed tests;

(iii) The date, time and location of the tests; and

(iv) The potential safety consequences that will result from operating the product for purposes of testing.

(b) Railroads and vendors shall identify all products identified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section to FRA by February 9, 2013.

(c) The exceptions provided in paragraph (a) of this section do not apply to products or product changes that result in degradation of safety, or a material increase in safety-critical functionality.

[ 77 FR 21348, Apr. 9, 2012, as amended at 77 FR 75057, Dec. 19, 2012]