49 CFR 229.61 - Draft system.

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§ 229.61 Draft system.

(a) A coupler may not have any of the following conditions:

(1) A distance between the guard arm and the knuckle nose of more than 5 5/16 inches on D&E couplers.

(2) A crack or break in the side wall or pin bearing bosses outside of the shaded areas shown in Figure 1 or in the pulling face of the knuckle.

(3) A coupler assembly without anti-creep protection.

(4) Free slack in the coupler or drawbar not absorbed by friction devices or draft gears that exceeds one-half inches.

(5) A broken or cracked coupler carrier.

(6) A broken or cracked yoke.

(7) A broken draft gear.

(b) A device shall be provided under the lower end of all drawbar pins and articulated connection pins to prevent the pin from falling out of place in case of breakage.

[ 77 FR 21346, Apr. 9, 2012]