49 CFR § 232.215 - Transfer train brake tests.

§ 232.215 Transfer train brake tests.

(a) A transfer train, as defined in § 232.5, shall receive a brake test performed by a qualified person, as defined in § 232.5, that includes the following:

(1) The air brake hoses shall be coupled between all freight cars;

(2) After the brake system is charged to not less than 60 psi as indicated by an accurate gauge or end-of-train device at the rear of the train, a 15-psi service brake pipe reduction shall be made; and

(3) An inspection shall be made to determine that the brakes on each car apply and remain applied until the release is initiated by the controlling locomotive. A car found with brakes that fail to apply or remain applied may be retested and remain in the train if the retest is conducted as prescribed in § 232.205(c)(4); otherwise, the defective equipment may be moved only pursuant to the provisions contained in § 232.15, if applicable;

(b) Cars added to transfer trains en route shall be inspected pursuant to the requirements contained in paragraph (a) of this section at the location where the cars are added to the train.

(c) If a train's movement will exceed 20 miles or is not a transfer train as defined in § 232.5, the train shall receive a Class I brake test in accordance with § 232.205 prior to departure.

[66 FR 4193, Jan. 17, 2001, as amended at 67 FR 17583, Apr. 10, 2002]