49 CFR § 235.13 - Filing procedure.

§ 235.13 Filing procedure.

(a) Applications or requests for reconsideration of an application shall be submitted by an authorized officer of the carrier.

(b) The application and correspondence in reference thereto should be addressed to the Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Railroad Administration, Washington, DC 20590.

(c) A separate application shall be filed for each project.

(d) At a joint facility where changes are proposed in the automatic block signal system, interlocking, traffic control system, automatic train stop, train control, or cab signal system on the tracks of more than one carrier, or if more than one carrier will be affected by the proposed changes or relief sought, a joint application signed by all carriers affected shall be filed.

(e) Where only one carrier at a joint facility is affected by the discontinuance or modification of the installation or relief sought, it shall be responsible for filing the application. It shall also certify that the other joint carriers have been notified of the filing of its application.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2130-0042)
[49 FR 3380, Jan. 26, 1984, as amended at 74 FR 25174, May 27, 2009]