49 CFR § 260.31 - Execution and filing of the application.

§ 260.31 Execution and filing of the application.

(a) The original application shall bear the date of execution, be signed in ink by or on behalf of the Applicant, and shall bear the corporate seal in the case of an Applicant which is a corporation. Execution shall be by all partners if a partnership, unless satisfactory evidence is furnished of the authority of a partner to bind the partnership, or if a corporation, an association or other similar form of organization, by its president or other executive officer having knowledge of the matters therein set forth. Persons signing the application on behalf of the Applicant shall also sign a certificate in form as follows:

(Name of official) certifies that he or she is the (Title of official) of the (Name of Applicant); that he or she is authorized on the part of the Applicant to sign and file with the Administrator this application and exhibits attached thereto; that the consent of all parties whose consent is required, by law or by binding commitment of the Applicant, in order to make this application has been given; that he or she has carefully examined all of the statements contained in such application and the exhibits attached thereto and made a part thereof relating to the aforesaid (Name of Applicant); that he or she has knowledge of the matters set forth therein and that all such statements made and matters set forth therein are true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge, information, and belief; and that Applicant will pay the balance of the investigation charge in accordance with § 260.11.

(Signature of official)

(b) There shall be made a part of the original application the following certificate by the Chief Financial Officer or equivalent officer of the Applicant:

(Name of officer) certifies that he or she is (Title of officer) of (Name of Applicant); that he or she has supervision over the books of accounts and other financial records of the affected Applicant and has control over the manner in which they are kept; that such accounts are maintained in good faith in accordance with the effective accounting practices; that such accounts are adequate to assure that proceeds from the financing being requested will be used solely and specifically for the purposes authorized; that he or she has examined the financial statements and supporting schedules included in this application and to the best of his or her knowledge and belief those statements accurately reflect the accounts as stated in the books of account; and that, other than the matters set forth in the exceptions attached to such statements, those financial statements and supporting schedules represent a true and complete statement of the financial position of the Applicant and that there are no undisclosed assets, liabilities, commitments to purchase property or securities, other commitments, litigation in the courts, contingent rental agreements, or other contingent transactions which might materially affect the financial position of the Applicant.

(Signature of official)

(c) The Applicant shall pay the investigation charge in accordance with § 260.11.

(d) The application shall be accompanied by a transmittal letter in form as follows:

Federal Railroad Administrator, c/o Associate Administrator for Railroad Development, Federal Railroad Administration, Washington, D.C. 20590
Re: Application for financial assistance under the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Program.

Dear Sir or Madam: Being duly authorized by (jointly and severally/if more than one) (the “Applicant”) to convey the understandings hereinafter set forth, I respectfully submit this application and remit its investigation fee in the amount equal to one-half the total investigation fee established by the Administrator. By this filing, Applicant requests the Administrator to investigate the application and make the necessary findings upon which Applicant's eligibility for a direct loan or loan guarantee may be determined. Applicant understands that neither the acceptance of this filing, the deposit of the investigation charge, nor the commencement of an investigation acknowledges the sufficiency of the application's form, content or merit. Furthermore, Applicant understands that the Administrator will incur numerous expenses by this filing with respect to the investigation of the application, the appraisal of security being offered, and the making of the necessary determinations and findings, and promises to pay, within 60 days, the remainder of the investigation fee required by the Administrator. Applicant understands that the Administrator will establish the amount of Credit Risk Premium due from Applicant, if any, as provided in § 260.15. Applicant agrees to pay such Credit Risk Premium prior to the disbursement of direct or guaranteed loan, as appropriate. Such Credit Risk Premium may be refunded as provided in § 260.15.

Respectfully submitted.

Seal(s) by Its(Their).

(e) The original application and supporting papers, and two copies thereof for the use of the Administrator, shall be filed with the Associate Administrator for Railroad Development of the Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., MailStop 20, Washington, DC 20590. Each copy shall bear the dates and signatures that appear in the original and shall be complete in itself, but the signatures in the copies may be stamped or typed.

[65 FR 41841, July 6, 2000, as amended at 74 FR 25176, May 27, 2009]