49 CFR § 266.21 - Grant agreement and disbursement.

§ 266.21 Grant agreement and disbursement.

(a) Grant agreement.

(1) Upon the approval of an application meeting the requirements of § 266.17 of this part, a grant agreement for the Federal share of the approved amount of estimated program costs will be executed by the Administrator and the grantee.

(2) The grant agreement will identify the amount of the grantee's share of program costs to be furnished in cash and through approved in-kind benefits. The grantee shall expend a pro-rata share of its cash contribution at the same time payments of the Federal share are made available to the grantee.

(b) Disbursement.

(1) Federal funds are provided either in advance by a letter-of-credit or a Treasury check or by reimbursement in accordance with Attachment J of OMB Circular A-102.

(2) Prior to receipt of advance payments, the grantee must have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Administrator that it has established procedures to comply with OMB Circular A-102, Attachment J, including procedures that will minimize the time elapsing between the receipt of funds by the grantee and their disbursement. Evidence of such compliance shall be provided to the Administrator at least 30 days prior to the anticipated date of receipt of advance payments. An advance by letter-of-credit is used when the rail service assistance is expected to be provided for a minimum of one (1) year, and is expected to involve annual payments aggregating at least $120,000. Otherwise, advance payments are made by Treasury check.

(3) If the grantee is not eligible for advance payments or does not desire them, the grantee will be reimbursed for eligible expenditures at the end of each fiscal quarter upon submission of a request for reimbursement.

(4) Before disbursement of Federal funds can be made to a grantee for payment to third parties under this subsection, the grantee must have executed an agreement with the third party.

(5) Acquisition assistance will be disbursed only after the following have been approved by the Administrator:

(i) A title opinion of the chief legal officer of the grantee that describe the type of title being acquired, and if a general warranty deed is not being given, it must explain why it could not be given. The opinion shall also advise of any need for use of the State's eminent domain powers to assure adequate title. In addition, the opinion shall explain how the defects disclosed by the title search might affect the marketability of the property;

(ii) A written determination that the property acquired is limited to the land and facilities that are needed for the rail freight services which would have been curtailed or abandoned but for the acquistion has been accepted by the Administrator; and

(iii) A written determination that the purchase price is consistent with the value of the property interest being acquired, and the evidence upon which the determination is based.

(c) Settlement.

(1) Settlement under the grant agreement is made on the basis of a Federal audit which has determined the allowable costs over the entire term of the grant agreement. If the Federal audit determines that the allowable costs under the grant agreement are less than the amount of the grant, the difference shall be refunded to FRA at the end of the fiscal year in which the audit was made unless it has become the subject of another executed grant agreement. Upon termination of a State's participation in the Rail Service Assistance Program, the State shall repay FRA the Federal share of any unused rehabilitation and improvement assistance and any accumulated interest.